FIFA World Cup DFS Picks | Day 3 In Qatar

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2 days in, the World Cup in Qatar has been incredibly interesting. From Ecuadorian chants about wanting beer to bizarre cross-continental matchups, this World Cup is very unpredictable compared to years passed. However, your PrizePicks entries don’t need to feel as uncertain. In this post, we’ll show you the three most popular picks for Day 3 of the World Cup in Qatar, so that you can make your entry from a more educated perspective! Let’s dive in… 

World Cup Day 3 Picks for PrizePicks

1. Lionel Messi MORE Than 2 Shots on Target 

lionel messi square

The most popular pick for Day 3 of the World Cup in Qatar is Lionel Messi to get MORE than 2 shots on target. While the Argentinian legend only scored once in his last World Cup, there was no lack of shots on goal, averaging 2.3 a game in 2018.

Nonetheless, Messi has a very favorable matchup against the Saudis, so we can see why the community is all over this square! 

2. Angel Di Maria More Than 1 Shot on Target

angel di maria square

The assumption is that Argentina will pummel Saudi Arabia, likely putting up a handful of goals. Other than Messi, who is likely to carry the load of shots on target? According to our members, the answer to that question is clearly Angel Di Maria.

PrizePicks members have selected this option more than any other besides Messi, likely due to the fact that he scored multiple goals in their last international friendly vs. the UAE. The hope is that Saudi Arabia is not much better, and that history will repeat itself. After all, the Saudis are not known for their defensive play, or offensive for that matter. 

3. Kylian Mbappe MORE Than .5 Goals

Mbappe player square

Mbappe was the star of the show in the last World Cup, scoring 4 goals in the tournament, with 2 in a single game! He didn’t stop there, continuing to score goal after goal in league play as well.

After 4 years of development, it’s no surprise that PrizePicks members are investing in the French star.

Now that you know what people are picking for day 3 of the World Cup, get back to the board and place a new entry now! 
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