PrizePicks Flex-iversary 2023 | The OG Fantasy Flex Play

November 13, 2023
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PrizePicks Flex-iversary - Celebrating the Original Fantasy Flex 

Today, we celebrate the anniversary of the PrizePicks Flex Play. For 4 years, we’ve been offering our killer fantasy feature called the Flex Play and now we’re celebrating the anniversary with all of our members. 

There are many imitators of the Flex Play in daily fantasy sports, but we all know there’s nothing like the real thing. When PrizePicks invented the Flex Play 4 years ago, we did it with one thing in mind - to continue providing the most fun and thrilling member experience in all of daily fantasy sports.

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What Is a Flex Play?

The PrizePicks Flex Play is an innovative fantasy feature that is iconic to our DFS platform.  Whereas other platforms and features require players to win ALL of their statistical projections to cash in, the Flex Play enables users to win money even if a few of the picks don’t hit.

At PrizePicks, we encourage new members to start with Flex Plays to help them learn and play our DFS game with more confidence.

What’s even better than the security of Flex Plays? If all of your picks hit you can still win up to 25x your money! That’s right, despite the lower risk, you can still win BIG with PrizePicks Flex Plays.

Not a PrizePicks member yet? Sign up with promo code “THELAB” for a 100% deposit match up to $100!

How Does Flex Play Scoring Work?

Flex Plays are a simple way to play DFS and win big money. Our full payout breakdown can be found here. But in general, the more picks you place the higher the potential payout. If you go 6 for 6 you can win 25x your cash but even if you only go 3 for 5 you can get nearly half your entry back.

Flex Plays are a great way to build confidence and learn how to play daily fantasy sports while also playing smart. The Flex Play is specific to fantasy sports and there’s no better place to play than with the leaders in daily fantasy sports.

How to Celebrate Flex-iversary with PrizePicks

Since we have the best members in daily fantasy sports, we figured there’s no one better to celebrate this anniversary than with you all. Today isn’t just about celebrating the anniversary of the ORIGINAL Flex Play in fantasy sports, it’s about celebrating you, our members, who have made it possible for so long.

If you want to join the fun and celebrate Flex-iversary with PrizePicks, here are a few ways:

  • Give us a shoutout on X (Twitter) with #PrizePicksFlex
  • Follow our social media accounts and tag us when you win big
  • Keep an eye out for our Flex giveaways today for a chance to win entries and prizes
  • Share and retweet our Flex-iversary posts for a chance to win free Flex Plays
  • Keep being the best members in all of daily fantasy sports!

PrizePicks Daily Fantasy Sports Flex-iversary 2023

November is the anniversary of the PrizePicks Flex Play. There’s no better time to play daily fantasy sports than right now to help us celebrate. We’re offering promos and Flex Plays today across our socials don’t forget to check them out.

We invented the Flex Play fantasy feature to help you, our members play DFS securely and with confidence. Go check out today’s board now and lock in your Flex Plays!

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