Most Popular DFS Picks For Cardinals Vs Niners

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Monday Night Football has graced us with an NFC West showdown between the Cardinals and the Niners, which means it’s time to start preparing your NFL entries for success! Where better to start than ‘The Lab’? In this post, we’ll share the 4 most popular picks for Cardinals Vs. Niners, so that you can make your PrizePicks MNF entries with confidence. Let’s dive right in.. 

Monday Night Football Picks For Cardinals Vs. Niners

1. Brandon Aiyuk MORE Than 4 receptions


brandon Aiyuk square on prizepicks

Brandon Aiyuk has seen a massive increase of volume over the last few weeks, getting 4+ receptions in 5 of his last 6 games! It’s no surprise that the community is slamming his square.

In fact, Aiyuk has gotten 6+ receptions in each of his last 4 games. Let’s see how it plays out!

2. Christian McCaffrey MORE Than 35.5 Receiving Yards

CMC Player Square on PrizePicks

Despite an unpredictable backfield scenario in San Francisco, the PrizePicks community is investing heavily in the recently traded RB. While he has a rushing yards option as well, it seems as if members are expecting him to be involved more in the passing game than anywhere else!

A little page from the Tony Pollard playbook? 

3. Jimmy Garappolo MORE than 1.5 Rushing Yards

Jimmy G Player Square on PrizePicks

There’s really not much to say about this one. We’d have to imagine that this square is so popular because his projected total seems so low! However, many may be surprised to know that Jimmy G has only 26 rushing yards this entire season!

But still, if Jimmy breaks just one tiny run, a lot of you will be winners! 

4. Brandon Aiyuk MORE Than 55.5 yards

Brandon Aiyuk Player Square on PrizePicks

Brandon Aiyuk, again? Yep! PrizePicks members are loving the SF WR in more ways than one tonight. Brandon Aiyuk has nailed this projection in each of his last 5 games, making the popularity of this square as clear as day.

Now, let’s see if he can keep up his reliable run. 

Now that you know what people are picking for the Cardinals Vs. Niners game, you hopefully have some fresh ideas to put to the test! Get back to the board and make a new entry now!

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