DFS Picks For Suns Vs Lakers (11/22)

November 22, 2022
Basketball court

Lebron James and the Los Angeles Lakers take on Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns at 10:00pm EST in Phoenix. For those of you looking to make entries on the game, this post may serve as a great starting point. With that, here are the 4 most popular DFS picks for Suns Vs. Lakers on the PrizePicks app. 

Most Popular Suns Vs. Lakers Picks 

1. Devin Booker MORE Than 2.5 Three Pointers Made


devin booker square

Devin Booker to have MORE than 2.5 Three Pointers Made is the most popular NBA pick of the night, despite having reached that total in just 3 of the last 10 games. 

Booker is also averaging less than what the projected total suggests, in both the season and in the month of November. He is projected 2.5, but he averages just below that at 2.4 3-PT Made per game. 

Look for him to take about 5-7 attempts, based on his average of 6.6 attempts in November. 

2. Devin Booker LESS Than 28.5 Points


booker square #2

Booker has scored LESS than 28.5 points in 7 of his last 10 games. 

Though Booker averages 26.6 points in the month of November, he has two 30+ point performances and one game with 49 points. Nonetheless, PrizePicks members seem to be riding with the trends on this one. 

3. Mikal Bridges MORE Than 5.5 Rebounds

mikal bridges square

Another popular pick for tonight falls into the hands of Mikal Bridges, where members are predicting that he’ll reach 6+ rebounds. We could be wrong, but this might have something to do with the fact that he’s hit 6+ boards in 6 of his last 7 games, which is a very convincing trend.  

Whereas Bridges has been hitting the total as of late, the same has not been true all season. In fact, his season average is the exact same as the projection at 5.5 rebounds per game. 

4. Cameron Payne MORE Than 17.5 Points 

suns player square

Cameron Payne averages 3 points lower than his projection tonight. However, this average is skewed because of a low volume of minutes in the start of the season. In the last 7 games where he has seen 30+ minutes, Cam Payne has averaged 21.5 ppg. 

Last game vs. the Knicks, Cam Payne saw 32 minutes and scored 21 points. There is no good reason to suggest he will see less volume tonight. 

Now that you know what people are picking for the Suns Vs. Lakers game, you hopefully have some fresh ideas to put to the test! Get back to the board and make a new entry now! 

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