DFS Picks For Colts Vs. Steelers (11/28)

November 28, 2022
Field Grass

Monday Night Football has graced us with an AFC showdown between the 4-5-1 Colts and the 3-7 Steelers at 8:15pm ET (In Indianapolis). In this post, we’ll share the 4 most popular picks for Colts vs. Steelers on the PrizePicks app. 

Monday Night Football Picks For Colts Vs. Steelers

1. Najee Harris MORE Than 62.5 Rush Yards


najee harris square

Najee Harris has exceeded this total in 2 of the last 3 games, including two 90+ yard performances. Najee’s volume has been at his highest in the past two weeks with 20+ attempts in both games, suggesting that the Steelers are leaning more on his production. 

The addition of 2 touchdowns in the last game should have earned Najee another day with 20+ attempts. The Colts solid pass defense may be another reason why Najee will be leaned on in the rushing game. 

Against a banged up Indianapolis defense including an absent Kwity Paye and Shaq Leonard, PrizePicks members are looking at Najee to feast in the ground game. 

2. Matt Ryan MORE Than 233.5 Passing Yards

Matt ryan square

Despite failing to reach this total in the last two games, Matt Ryan’s season average exceeds 233.5 with great margin, sitting at 286.9 passing yards per game. 

Failing to hit that number in the last two weeks could be concerning, but Matt Ryan has done much better in Indy than anywhere else this year, averaging 322 passing yards per game at home. 

Also, one of his last two games was against the hard-nosed Eagles pass defense, where the Colts attempted to lean on the run game. If not for that tough matchup game, Ryan has hit this number in 3 out of 4 prior games. 

3. Parris Campbell MORE Than 41.5 Receiving Yards

Parris Campbell Square

Parris Cambell has become one of Matt Ryan’s favorite targets, seeing over 18 targets in just the last two games. Even during the Colts’ offensive struggles, Parris has managed to get more than 41.5 in 5 of his 6 last games. 

Additionally, since October 6th, Parris has averaged nearly 54 yards per game, suggesting that the 41.5 projection may be set more in-line with his season average of 39.8.

For those who are picking Matt Ryan’s MORE, consider the fact that his success may directly correlate to Campbell’s as well. 

4. George Pickens MORE Than 41.5 Receiving Yards 

george pickens square

George Pickens has never played the Colts. However, he has played in a dome a few times, a venue-type in which he averages 46.5 yards per game. 

Despite the Colts having the 6th-best pass defense in the league, they have allowed a 50+ yard receiving performance in all but 2 games they’ve played all year. Last week it was DeVonta Smith, the week prior it was Davante Adams with 120+ yards. 

If you think Pickens is the Steelers #1 this week, it’s possible that he too will accrue a 50+ yard game, as the Colts have given up a lot of yards to opponent’s #1 WRs.  

Now that you know what people are picking for the Colts vs. Steelers game, you hopefully have some fresh ideas to put to the test! Get back to the board and make a new entry now!

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