10 Most Popular NBA DFS Picks Tonight (11/30)

June 2, 2023
Basektball court

Tonight, the NBA is in full throttle as guys like Donovan Mitchell, Joel Embiid, Giannis Antetekoumpo, and Kevin Durant continue their push into the regular season. With so many games and players to pick, we wanted to show you the top 10 most popular NBA picks on the PrizePicks app. Let’s dive in….

Most Popular NBA Picks for Wednesday (11/30) 

1. Tobias Harris MORE Than 17.5 Points 


Tobias Harris Square

2. Donovan Mitchell MORE Than 25.5 Points

Donovan Mitchell Square

3. Joel Embiid MORE Than 30.5 Points 

Joel Embiid Square

4. Joel Embiid MORE Than 44.5 Pts + Rebs + Assists

Joel Embiid Square 2

5. Kevin Durant MORE Than 29.5 Points 

durant square

6. Paolo Banchero MORE Than 20.5 Points 

banchero square

7. Kyle Kuzma MORE Than 3.5 Assists 

kyle kuzma square

8. Bradley Beal MORE Than 1.5 Three Pointers Made

Bradley Beal Square

9. Bradley Beal MORE Than 22.5 Points 

Bradley beal square 2

10. Kyle Kuzma MORE Than 19.5 Points

Now that you know what other PrizePicks members are picking, get back to the board and make your own entries now!

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