FIFA World Cup Picks and Plays | Day 4 in Qatar

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3 days in, the World Cup in Qatar has been incredibly interesting. Between the USA tying Wales and Saudi Arabia taking down the Argentinians, this World Cup seems quite unpredictable compared to years passed. However, your PrizePicks entries don’t need to feel as uncertain. In this post, we’ll show you the three most popular picks for Day 4 of the World Cup in Qatar, so that you can make your entry from a more educated perspective! Let’s dive in… 

World Cup Day 4 | Popular Picks On PrizePicks

1. Manuel Neuer MORE Than 2 Goals Saved

The most popular pick for Day 4 of the World Cup in Qatar is Manuel Neuer to get MORE than 2 saves. 

Manuel Neuer saves shots on target 78% of the time. If that percentage holds true today, he needs to see just 4 shots on target by Japan in order to get 3 saves (75% save rate). 

As one of the most legendary keepers in German history, Neuer’s square being hammered is no surprise. 

2. Shuichi Gonda LESS Than 4 Goals Saved

The Japanese goalkeeper is projected to make 4 saves. You may have noticed that this total is higher than Neuer’s, but does that mean Shuichi is better? Absolutely not. More likely, it means Germany will have so many shots on target that Shuichi will have ample opportunity to accumulate saves. 

As made evident by the stock-photo face for Shuichi Gonda, the keeper is not considered to be elite or much of a force at all in the soccer community. For that reason alone, it appears as if PrizePicks members are fading Gonda into oblivion. 

3. Alvaro Morata LESS Than .5 Goals

Alvaro Morata of Spain is projected just half a goal. Still, PrizePicks members are selecting the ‘LESS’ option in large quantities. 

In league play this year, Alvaro Morata scored 5 goals in 14 games, which is an average of .35 goals per game, notably less than the 1 goal mark it would take to get MORE. In addition, Morata has received criticism for not being able to finish good opportunities near the goal. If such tendencies continue, this Morata pick may end up being right on the money. 

Now that you know what people are picking for day 4 of the World Cup, get back to the board and place a new entry now! 

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