Watch: NBA DFS Picks by CashKeg (11/30)

November 30, 2022
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Watch: NBA DFS Picks by CashKeg (11/30) 

Wednesday’s NBA slate is packed with star-studded games including a showdown between the Cavs and the Sixers. If you plan on watching / making entries on tonight’s NBA, we’d recommend checking out this informative video from CashKeg, where selections and entries are made and explained in full. Hopefully it can give you some ideas for your own selections! 

Bonus: The Most Popular Pick for Cavs Vs. Sixers

1. Joel Embiid MORE Than 44.5 Pts. + Rebounds + Assists 


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Besides the fact that Embiid has made NBA defenses look like children this year, why would this selection be so popular? 

Well, for starters, Embiid averages more Pts + Rebs + Assists than what the projection is offering. The same truth applies to the month of November as well where he's averaging 51.2 PRA. Additionally, he’s exceeded that total 44.5 in 6 of his last 7 games, and has done it with relative ease.

Is there something about this matchup that could drive his statistics down? Not that we can find. In 2021, Embiid averaged 55.2 Pts + Rebs + Assists in 4 games against the Cavaliers. 😳

When looking at these numbers, it’s clear why PrizePicks members are all over this selection! 

Ready to make your own entries? Head back to the board now! 

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