Watch: NBA DFS Picks by All Day DFS (11/29)

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Watch: NBA DFS Picks by All Day DFS (11/29) 

Tuesday’s NBA slate is small, but it is packed with star-studded games including a marquee showdown between the Mavericks and Warriors.

If you plan on making PrizePicks entries on tonight’s NBA, we’d recommend checking out this informative video from All Day DFS, where selections and entries are made and explained in full.

While we found the information in this video to be sound, it may help to see what others are picking as well. The most popular pick of the day is Steph Curry MORE Than 27.5 Points. Let's see if the numbers back it up...


Steph Curry Square


Besides the fact that Steph Curry is the greatest shooting player of all time, why is his points selection so popular? For starters, he’s averaging 4 ppg more in 2022 than what the projected total suggests. 

Season averages don’t mean a whole lot on a game-to-game basis though as the context and matchups are always changing. So, dig a bit deeper and you’ll see that Curry EATS against the Dallas Mavericks, having gone above the 27.5 mark in 15 of his last 17 games against them. 

In 7 of those games, the chef reached a whopping 40+ points, and he had many more in the high 30s.

Oh yeah, and Steph Curry weirdly averages 37.3 on Tuesday Nights  🤔

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