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How to Play

Each day, your account will automatically generate 1000 points to play with as you see fit.

You can place a few large entries or lots of small ones — it’s up to you! Check back throughout the day because you can re-enter points you’ve won.

To qualify for cash prizes, you need to have placed at least one entry and finish the day with a score higher than the 1000 points you started with.

The top 100 qualifying players each day will receive a real money prize deposited in their PrizePicks account. First, second, and third place finishers will win $250, $150, and $100 respectively. The remaining winners will receive a payout that corresponds with their position on the leaderboard.

Check out the full rules here


Do my point totals accumulate each day?

No, point totals will not roll over. They will go back to 1000 each morning.

If I finish the day with 2000 points, will I get paid $2000?

No, points are not directly correlated to dollars (USD). The top 100 scorers each day (minimum 1001 points) will be paid out according to a predetermined tier list, ranging from $250 to $2.

Are there any upper or lower limits on how I use my points?

The minimum amount for entries is 100 points. There is no maximum; you can place all your points on one entry if you like!

How do I claim a cash prize if I win?

Cash prizes will be applied to your PrizePicks account. From there, you can withdraw the funds using an accepted debit card, bank account, or PayPal account.

Can I see how close I came to winning even if I don’t make the leaderboard?

We are working to include expanded game standings and results history for this game — stay tuned for further updates.


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