Injuries and DNPs

Last updated: Sep 12, 2023

Why was my pick marked a DNP?

A projection may be marked as a “Did Not Play” (DNP) for any of the following reasons:

Player did not play: 
If a player in your entry does not play a single second/snap for any reason, they are marked as a DNP.

Game canceled or postponed to a new day:
Depending on the sport, picks may be marked a DNP when a game is canceled or postponed to a new day. Please check the scoring chart for the league in question for more information.

Board Error:
PrizePicks reserves the right to DNP any pick as a result of a board error. Projections on the board that are clear errors will result in a DNP. For example, if an NFL Quarterback has a TD projectionset to 45 TDs, the player will be marked as a DNP. 

Additionally, if a player projection is still on the board after the official start time of the game, whether due to a system or manual error by PrizePicks, that pick will be marked as a DNP. 

Projections that include a specific start time, such as 2nd Half or 4th Quarter, will be classified as board errors if they remain on the board past their specified start time.

League Specific Rules

Different PrizePicks markets have specific rules as to what qualifies to be a DNP.  For example, certain sports, like soccer, require players to start the game in order for it to be a valid pick. Please consult league-specific scoring charts for more information.

Note: In addition to the reasons above, PrizePicks reserves the right to DNP, change, or remove any projection at its sole discretion. 

A player was injured or ejected early in the game. Will they be marked as a DNP?

Some sports may feature a reboot policy, where players who make an early exit will not be penalized for missing their “More” projection. Instead, the pick will be treated the same as a DNP, and the payout will revert down by one level.

If the projection in question does not have an active reboot policy, players who exit the game early will not be considered a DNP. As long as a valid player enters the game for one second/snap/play, the entry will be scored and settled with their official stats.

Do Taco Tuesday picks have special DNP rules?

Taco Tuesdays are designed to be fun and engaging, but should not be considered a guaranteed win. If a Taco Tuesday projection turns in a disappointing result, PrizePicks may decide to designate them as a "Spoiled Taco," effectively converting the pick to a Reboot.

The following scenarios will result in a Spoiled Taco:

Basketball, Football, Soccer: A player is injured in the first half (1H) and doesn't return to the game.

Baseball: A player is injured and doesn't return to the game.

Golf: A player withdraws due to injury before completing all 18 holes.

CSGO/LoL: A player forfeits before finishing all playable maps.

Hockey: A player is injured in the first period and doesn't return to the game.

Last 5 Game stats or other in-app info was wrong. Will the projection be a DNP?

In-App Last 5 Game stats are a convenient way to check recent player performance, but they are not intended to function as official statistics. They are compiled by a third-party stat provider, so PrizePicks can not guarantee 100% accuracy. Picks made as a result of incorrect Last 5 Game stats will not be marked a DNP. 

Other incorrect information on the projection, like the opponent or game time, will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If you wish to request a refund due to incorrect information, you must do so before any game in your entry has started. 

How does a DNP affect payouts?

Only active, non-DNP players count toward a winning entry. Entries with a player marked DNP are still eligible to win, although the multiplier will be reduced. This is referred to as a “reverted entry.” For example, if you select a 3-pick power play and one of your selections is marked DNP, your entry will revert to a 2-pick power play. A full breakdown of reverted entries is included below :

  • 4-Pick Power → 3-Pick Power
  • 3-Pick Power → 2-Pick Power
  • 6-Pick Flex -> 5-Pick Flex
  • 5-Pick Flex → 4-Pick Flex
  • 4-Pick Flex → 3-Pick Flex
  • 3-Pick Flex → 2-Pick Power
  • 2-Pick Power → Refund

Entries that are reverted down to an ineligible entry (all players on the same team) are automatically refunded.

Can I cancel entries that have a DNP?

Yes, you can cancel entries with a DNP outside of the 5-minute cancellation window as long as no other picks in the entry have started their respective games. 

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