Types of Promotions

What is an airdrop?

An airdrop is when PrizePicks gives out varying amounts of promo funds to certain Members at random. If you have not received one yet, just stay tuned!

What is a discount?

Discounts, also called flash sales, are when projections are lowered for a certain period of time. Discounts are hard to miss, as they will usually be surrounded by a bright gold banner and have a countdown timer next to them.

These discounts are usually between 10-30% off the original projection, and are meant to provide value and a fun group sweat, NOT an automatic lock. 

Members may have different maximum entry amounts for discounts. Discounts can't be combined with other discounts, tacos, or free squares in the same entry.

What is Taco Tuesday?

Taco Tuesday is a beloved PrizePicks tradition! Every Tuesday, there are several discounts on the board marked with tacos.

What is a free square?

A free square is the ultimate discount. It is when a projection is discounted to make it an automatic lock, like Tom Brady at 0.5 passing yards or LeBron James at 0.5 points. 

What is a payout boost?

A payout boost is when a certain type of entry (ex. 2-Pick Power), sport, or exact entry have a higher payout for a specific amount of time. These boosts do not appear on the app when you are making the entry. Instead, they are retroactively applied at Noon ET the next day as promo funds. 

What is a Protected Play?

It means your 1st qualifying entry of the day is protected, or “insured”. If it wins, you get paid out in credit like normal. If it loses, you get paid your entry fee back as promo funds up to the amount specified in the promotion details. Promo funds will be paid out at Noon ET.