Types of Promotions

Last updated: Sep 06, 2023

PrizePicks offers a variety of special promotions. Each one is designed to create a uniquely exciting fantasy sports experience for our members. See below for a full list of our different promo types and descriptions:

Deposit Match

PrizePicks will match the amount you deposit, effectively doubling your funds (up to a predetermined limit).

If you qualify for a Deposit Match we will notify you directly. All you have to do next is make a deposit and you'll see the bonus funds applied to your balance!

Discounted Entry

PrizePicks will intentionally lower a projection square for a limited time, giving users an increased probability of winning if they select MORE. Announcements for discount promos typically include a maximum entry amount (e.g. up to $20) and may not be combined with other promotional offers in the same entry.

Discounts are positioned at the top of the board when active and are surrounded by a bright gold banner, making them easy to identify.  There will also be a countdown timer displayed next to the projection showing how long the offer will be available. 

Free Entry

Free entries are fairly straightforward; you may place one entry that does not remove any funds from your account. The entry amount is predetermined by PrizePicks, and cannot be adjusted by Members. 

If you have a free entry available, we will notify you directly. You can find the details for any free entry you're eligible for by navigating to My Entries->Free Entries on your account. Just follow the in-app instructions while selecting the entry type and the number of squares, and leave the entry amount blank. Winning entries will be awarded in promo funds according to standard payout rates.

Taco Tuesday

Our oldest and most beloved PrizePicks tradition! Every week, members vote on a select number of projection squares. The leading vote-getters receive a discounted projection when posted to the board on the following Tuesday. Discounts on the board are marked with a taco icon for easy identification .

Payout Boost

PrizePicks will increase the payout for a certain entry, sport, or entry type (ex. 2-Pick Power) for a limited time. These boosts do not appear on the app when you are making the entry. Instead, they are retroactively applied at Noon ET the next day as promo funds. 

Protected Play

A Member’s first qualifying entry of the day receives additional protection in the event of a loss. Winning entries will receive the standard payout rate, while losing entries will return any net losses to your promo fund balance by 12:00 noon ET the following day.

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