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flex friday

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Win or your cash back!

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OPT IN and tap the checkbox in your entry builder to be eligible for the Protected Play. Find it on your Promos tab by Noon ET on Fridays.

Choose squares from any game on the board — including Demons & Goblins! Be sure to place your entry by 11:59 p.m. ET on Friday.

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If your entry wins, you get paid in credit. If not, you get your net losses back in promo funds up to your promo limit as soon as the entry settles.

How to activate your promo:


How do I activate the promo?

If you wish to participate in Flex Friday, follow these steps:

  1. On Friday by Noon ET, find the Flex Friday Protected Play on your Promos tab
  2. Tap OPT IN
  3. Create a Flex Play. In the entry builder, tap the checkbox next to Flex Friday Protected Play.
  4. Submit your entry by 11:59 p.m. ET on Friday

What's next?
  1. You win your entry and get paid out in credit as soon as the entry settles.

  2. You don't win your entry and get paid out in promo funds up to your promo limit as soon as the entry settles.

  3. You partially win your entry, in which case you get some of both. For example:

    • Your promo limit is $20

    • You place a $20 6-Pick Flex

    • You hit 4 out of 6 picks and get $8 in credit

    • You had a net loss of $12, which goes back to your account in promo funds

How will I know that my promo funds have been added?

Check your balance after the entry settles to see your new total. The change will also appear in your Transaction Log, accessible from the top menu.

What about refunded entries?

There are 2 main types of refunded entries:

  1. If you self-cancel your qualifying entry within 5 minutes of placing it, your entry fee will be refunded AND the Protected Play will reappear on your Promos tab. You may use it for your next qualifying entry.
  2. If your Protected Play entry is refunded due to DNPs or ties, it will not qualify for additional refunds, and will not reappear on your Promos tab.
Can I use discounts in my Protected Play?

No — Protected Plays cannot be combined with discounts or other offers.

What is my promo limit?

Your promo limit is the maximum amount you can enter on the Protected Play, and the maximum amount you can get back in promo funds.

You can find your promo limit in the Flex Friday box on the Promos tab. Promo limits will vary by Member.

The promo says "Credit Only." What does that mean?

You have two sources of funds on PrizePicks:

  • Credit or Balance: These are funds you've deposited or won in paid entries, and can be withdrawn. Credit is displayed next to the $ in your app.
  • Promo Funds: These are funds you've earned through a promotion or won in Free Entries. Promo is displayed next to the gift box in your app. These funds can only be used to place entries and cannot be withdrawn.

Protected Plays can only be placed using credit. The entry will pay out winnings in credit, and net losses in promo.

How many do I get?

Just one per Friday! If you don't use it, the Flex Friday Protected Play will not stay on your Promos tab past 11:59 p.m. ET, and will not roll over to the following week.

If you have additional offers on your Promos tab, you may use them in other qualifying entries.

What happens if I just place a Flex Entry without using the promo?

It will settle and pay out the standard way, but will not qualify for the Flex Friday Protected Play. You must activate the promotion using the steps described above.

Can I use Demons and/or Goblins in my Flex Friday entry?

Yes! 😈

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