PrizePicks Taco Tuesday

November 16, 2022

Who doesn’t love Taco Tuesday? Bars and restaurants often celebrate the day by offering cheap tacos and margs. But at PrizePicks, the tradition is far better. 

PrizePicks is daily fantasy made easy. You just pick more or less on between 2-6 player squares to win payouts of 25X your cash! But to make the game even more exciting, PrizePicks offers frequent site-wide or personalized promotions. One of the most popular recurring promotions PrizePicks runs is Taco Tuesday. 

Taco Tuesday consists of several discounted player projections on the board marked with tacos.

What is PrizePicks Taco Tuesday?

No, PrizePicks does not sell or give out real tacos. As much as its members probably love carne asada and salsa, PrizePicks tacos represent discounted player projections. 

Every Tuesday, PrizePicks will discount several projections on the board, usually by 15 to 25%. They then replace the discounted player headshots with the image of a taco. An example of a taco would be a 15% discount on LeBron's points prop, dropping his original projection of 30 to 25.5.

PrizePicks Taco Tuesday

Who picks PrizePicks tacos?

You do! When Taco Tuesday first started, PrizePicks' in-house taco chefs would pick the players and prepare the discounts. But since the goal of Taco Tuesday is to bring the community together to all sweat the same entries, it made more sense to let the community actually make the tacos. 

Every Tuesday, PrizePicks allows its members to vote on most of the taco discounts. These votes, which take place in either the members-only Discord or on the PrizePicks Twitter, are often referred to as the “Taco Bar.”

PrizePicks provides a handful of players for members to pick from. Once the community chooses the player, they also vote on the stat-type and specific discount. 

PrizePicks Taco Tuesday Taco Bar voting
Example of Taco Bar voting

Once the ingredients are picked, PrizePicks' chefs take care of the rest!

Are tacos free wins?

No. Tacos are discounted player projections. Often 15-25% off, tacos provide significantly more value than a normal projection. They hit far more often than not. But they shouldn’t be mistaken for a free win or a free square. 

The purpose of Taco Tuesday is to provide a fun way to bring the PrizePicks community together to sweat and cheer for a few of the same entries. Most days, members are all sweating over different squares and entries. But on Tuesday, all of PrizePicks is glued to the TV over the same player. 

It’s obviously more fun when everyone can celebrate a win together. It’s definitely more fun for the PrizePicks social media managers. But tacos aren’t guaranteed wins, and nobody should view them that way.

Spoiled (Injured) Taco Policy

Taco Tuesday is an important tradition to PrizePicks, so unlike normal projections, taco projections can be marked as a DNP (Did Not Play) if a player is injured and doesn't return. The "Spoiled Taco" policy applies to a taco projection if the player is:

Basketball, Football, Soccer: Injured in the 1st Half and doesn't return to the game.

Baseball: Injured in the 1st 3 Innings and doesn't return to the game.

Golf: injured, and withdraws before completing all 18 holes.

CSGO/LoL: forfeits before finishing all playable maps.

Hockey: Injured in the 1st Period and doesn't return to the game.

When is the next Taco Tuesday?

Not going to bother answering this one. Use context clues to figure it out!

In all seriousness, make sure to keep a watchful eye on the board every Tuesday. Taco discounts are usually on the board for only a few hours, and multiple tacos are never on the board at the same time. 

If you want to participate in the Taco Bar voting to pick the discounted players and stat-types, follow PrizePicks on Twitter and hop in the members-only Discord on Tuesday!

With so much talk of tacos, you are probably hungry to make some entries! Check out the PrizePicks board to see if there are any juicy projections available!

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