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Last updated: Aug 29, 2023

You downloaded the PrizePicks app, eager to experience the most exciting and easy way to 25X your money on the sport of your choice. But then as you started the sign-up process, you ran into a question that made you stop in your tracks:

“What is your promo code?”

Nobody wants to sign up without a promo code, because people don’t want to miss out on special offers. 

Many new PrizePicks members use a friend’s referral code to sign up. Other members get codes from PrizePicks partners or directly from PrizePicks advertisements. But if you don’t have a PrizePicks promo code, don’t worry!

PrizePicks Promo Code

You can sign up for PrizePicks with the promo code, “PLAYBOOK” to get your first deposit doubled up to $100. 

Once you sign up with code “Playbook,” you’ll be taken to the deposit page. You’ll then be able to choose your initial deposit amount, with the minimum being $10. No matter what amount you choose, you will receive the deposit match as soon you complete your deposit. 

For example, if you register with code, “PLAYBOOK”, and deposit $50, you’ll get another $50 added on!

Check out The Board for all of today's daily fantasy sport action! Use promo code "PLAYBOOK" for a first deposit match up to $100.

PrizePicks Deposit Match

PrizePicks’ deposit match is paid out in instantly playable promo funds. Unlike many sportsbooks and daily fantasy sports providers, PrizePicks makes it easy to turn promo funds into real cash. Every time you win an entry with promo funds, your winnings are paid out in withdrawable credit.

PrizePicks will always pull from your promo funds balance before your credit balance when you’re making an entry. However, you can’t combine your two balances. So if you wish to make an entry using promo funds, you must make the entry amount less than or equal to your promo balance.

Other Promotions

PrizePicks members can still redeem certain promo codes after their first deposit. These promo codes are sent directly from PrizePicks through emails, push notifications, and in-app popups. Promo codes can usually be redeemed for deposit matches or free entries. 

In addition to promo codes, PrizePicks runs many sitewide promotions. These include payout boosts, protected plays, discounted stats, free squares, contests, and much more! To participate in these promotions, it’s important to subscribe to PrizePicks’ emails and push notifications when you first sign up. It’s also recommended to follow PrizePicks on Twitter and Instagram to be among the first to know about promotions.

Ready to start winning BIG? Sign up for PrizePicks with code “Playbook” for a 100% deposit match up to $100!

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