Promo Funds

Last updated: Dec 21, 2023

What are promo funds?

Promo funds are an in-app currency awarded to PrizePicks Members during various promotions. You may not withdraw from your promo fund balance, but you may use it to place entries. Winning entries that were placed using promo funds will be automatically converted to credit funds, which can then be withdrawn. 

Members can view their promo fund balance in the top right corner of the app next to the gift box icon. 

How do I use promo funds?

If you have promo funds available to use, any entries you place will automatically draw from your promo fund balance. However, if your promo fund balance is lower than the amount you input for your entry, funds will be drawn from your credit fund balance instead. 

How do I get promo funds?

You can get promo funds by participating in PrizePicks promotions, completing challenges, winning giveaways, winning free entries, claiming deposit bonuses, or at random.

Can I combine my promo and credit funds together?

The only time you can request to combine your promo funds and credit funds is if you are unable to place an entry at the minimum amount of $5.

For example: If you have $3 in promo and $2 in credit, you'll be unable to place an entry. In this case, Support can combine your funds into your promo balance and you'll be able to place a $5 entry.

If you have enough funds in either balance to place an entry, you will not be able to combine your funds. If you have less than $5 in both balances combined, you will need to deposit more money into your account to place an entry.

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