Can I use a VPN?

No. In order to ensure Members are only playing in areas where PrizePicks operates, VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) and other geolocation services are prohibited. If you are found to be using a VPN or altering your location by any other means, you will be prevented from depositing, withdrawing, and placing entries. 

Q: If I am in a state that PrizePicks operates in, can I use a VPN for other reasons?

A: No. You will not be allowed to deposit, withdraw, or place entries while using a VPN. This restriction will be lifted as soon as you are found to no longer be using a VPN or altering your location. 

Q: I am not using a VPN but I am being blocked for one. What can I do?

A. Double check that the device you are on is not using a VPN, or that you aren’t using another geolocation altering service. For example, you may be accidentally using iCloud Private Relay, which alters your location and may result in you being blocked. Find more information on Private Relay here.