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Last updated: Nov 09, 2023

PrizePicks Free to Play Contest Rules

1. General

Capitalized terms used in these PrizePicks Free to Play Contest Rules (“Contest Rules”) shall have the meanings given to them in the Contest Rules or PrizePicks Terms of Service. If the same term is defined in both the Contest Rules and PrizePicks Terms of Service, the definition in the Contest Rules shall prevail for purposes of the Contest Rules.

The Contest Rules, the PrizePicks Free to Play contest (“Contest”) and all Contest participants (“Entrants”) are subject to the generally applicable rules for PrizePicks: the PrizePicks Terms of Service and Member Code of Conduct (Final 2023 Terms of Service.docx (; the PrizePicks Privacy Policy (Privacy Policy (; “How to Play” How to play PrizePicks | PrizePicks Daily Fantasy Sports; Scoring Charts for individual markets; and the Full Rules (including, e.g., rules concerning athlete injuries and account withdrawals). By participating in the Contest, Entrants agree to comply with and abide by these foregoing documents. If there is a conflict between a term, condition, or explanation in these Contest Rules and a term, condition, or explanation in any of the foregoing documents, the term, condition, or explanation in the Contest Rules shall prevail for purposes of the Contest.

PrizePicks may, at any time, and in its sole discretion, terminate the Contest without advance notice, at which point no further entries will be accepted and no further prizes will be awarded.

Disputes regarding the Contest Rules shall be governed by the laws of the State of Georgia.

2. Eligibility

The Contest is open to individuals who are eligible to participate in a PrizePicks contest under the Terms of Service and are physically present in the state of Michigan at the time they attempt to enter the Contest.

Only entries that are submitted in accordance with the procedure set forth on the PrizePicks platform for entry into the Contest will be eligible for the Contest.

No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.

3. Gameplay

Each calendar day during the Contest at 6:00 am Eastern time, Entrants will receive one thousand credits to be used as entry fees for that day’s entries. Credits cannot be purchased, do not roll over from day to day, and have no cash value.

Entrants may play the Contest if they are registered and verified PrizePicks Members. One becomes a member by visiting the PrizePicks platform (website or app), registering an account, and having one’s identity verified by PrizePicks.

The procedure for playing the Contest, as made available on the PrizePicks platform (website or app), is as follows:

  • Entrant signs into a registered account (or creates one if the Entrant is not a PrizePicks
  • Member);
  • Entrant chooses two (2) to six (6) player statistics from the available player squares;
  • Entrant picks whether the selected players will get more or less of a particular statistic
  • than what was set by PrizePicks;
  • Entrant picks Flex or Power Play;
  • Entrant chooses the amount of credits to use as an entry fee; and
  • Entrant submits the entry.

4. Single-day Contest

Each day of play in the Contest shall start and finish within a single 6:00 am - 5:59 am (Eastern time) 24-hour period. This has several effects:

  • Only entries that contain contests that finish by 5:59 am Eastern time will be scored.
  • PrizePicks will only offer markets, statistic types, and player squares that are projected to be compatible with this 24-hour period. The Contest will not include season-long or multi-day markets, for example.
  • Player squares for a certain sport (e.g., NFL) will only be available for selection on game days.

5. Scoring and Payouts

The top 100 scoring Entrants who finish each day’s contests with at least 1001 credits will receive cash prizes as shown in the below payout table. If fewer than 100 Entrants finish a day with at least 1001 credits, only those Entrants that finished with at least 1001 credits will receive cash prizes.

If there is a tie, the tied Entrants will share equally the total value of the prizes for the tied places in the below payout table. If the tie would result in more than 100 winning entries, ties will be broken based on the earliest entry times for the tied Entrants until there are 100 winning entries.

Prizes won, if any, will be deposited into the winning Entrant’s PrizePicks account.

6. Effective Date and Amendments

These Contest Rules shall be effective as of the Effective Date specified above.

PrizePicks may amend the Contest Rules at any time, at its sole discretion. Amended Contest Rules will be labeled as such, will include links to previous versions, and will contain an Effective Date.

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