DNPs and Injuries

Why was my pick marked a DNP?

A projection may be marked as a DNP for any of the following reasons:

  • Player did not play

If players do not play a single second/snap for any reason, they are marked as a DNP.

  • Game canceled or postponed to a new day

Depending on the sport, picks may be marked a DNP because of a game cancellation or postponement to a new day. Please check the scoring chart for the league in question for more information. 

  • Board Error

PrizePicks reserves the right to DNP any pick as a result of a board error. Projections on the board that are clear errors will result in a DNP. For example, if Tom Brady’s TD projection for a game is set to 45 TDs, it will be marked as a DNP. 

  • League Specific Rules

Different PrizePicks markets have specific rules as to what qualifies to be a DNP.  For example, certain sports, like soccer, require players to start the game in order for it to be a valid pick. Please consult league-specific scoring charts for more information.

In addition to the reasons above, PrizePicks has the right to DNP, change, or remove any projection at its sole discretion. 

A player was injured or ejected early in the game. Will they be marked as a DNP?

No, players will not be marked as a DNP if they leave the game early. As long as a player plays one second/snap/play, the entry will be scored and settled with their official stats. 

When will a Taco Tuesday flash sale be marked as a DNP?

Taco Tuesday flash sales are not guaranteed wins, so losing tacos will not be refunded or marked as a DNP. Under the "Spoiled Taco" policy, a taco projection will be considered a DNP if...

Basketball, Football, Soccer: the player is injured in the 1st Half and doesn't return to the game.

Baseball: the player is injured in the 1st 3 Innings and doesn't return to the game.

Golf: the player withdraws due to injury before completing all 18 holes.

CSGO/LoL: the player forfeits before finishing all playable maps.

Hockey: the player is injured in the 1st Period and doesn't return to the game.

Last 5 Game stats or other in-app info was wrong. Will the projection be a DNP?

In-App Last 5 Game stats are for entertainment purposes only. They are provided by a third-party stat provider, so PrizePicks can not guarantee 100% accuracy. Picks made as a result of incorrect Last 5 Game stats will not be marked a DNP. 

Other incorrect information on the projection, like the opponent or game time, will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If you wish to request a refund due to incorrect information, you must do so before any game in your entry has started. 

How does a DNP change payouts?

Entries with a DNP revert down to the next closest entry:

  • 4-Pick Power → 3-Pick Power
  • 3-Pick Power → 2-Pick Power
  • 6-Pick Flex -> 5-Pick Flex
  • 5-Pick Flex → 4-Pick Flex
  • 4-Pick Flex → 3-Pick Flex
  • 3-Pick Flex → 2-Pick Power
  • 2-Pick Power → Refund

Entries that are reverted down to an ineligible entry (all players on the same team) are automatically refunded. 

Can I cancel entries that have a DNP?

Entries with a DNP can be self-canceled outside of the 5-minute cancellation window as long as no other picks in the entry have started.