Protecting Your Picks from the Unpredictable

You have a skillfully crafted WNBA entry locked in. 25X incoming. But then one of your players goes down in the 1st Half. Entry over, right? Not quite. With the PrizePicks WNBA Reboot policy, you’re insured!

The policy will activate if all of the following conditions occur at any time during any WNBA game:

You pick MORE on a player's projection

That player leaves the game in the 1st Half

That player does NOT return in the 2nd Half

All such picks will be considered a Reboot, which means your entry reverts down the same way it would with a tie or DNP:

qualifying players

Every player from every WNBA team qualifies for a Reboot.

Which picks qualify for the Reboot policy?

Only picks from the full-game WNBA board will qualify. WNBA 1H, 2H, 4Q and other sports will not qualify.

What happens if multiple picks in my entry qualify for a Reboot?

Your entry will be reverted down multiple times.

What if I pick LESS on a projection that is rebooted?

If you pick LESS on the player’s projection, that pick still wins!

What if my player gets hurt, misses a lot of the game, but returns in the 2H?

Only players that exit the game in the 1st Half and don’t return qualify for Reboots.

What if a player hits their projection before they leave the game?

It is treated like normal - MORE picks win and LESS picks lose.

Do I need to opt in or do anything to receive a Reboot?

Nope! All Members are automatically eligible for the Reboot policy.

Can I get a Reboot on an entry from the 1st half of the season?

Sorry — Reboots are only in effect for games from 2/23 through the end of the postseason.

What happens if I have a Combo Square that includes a Rebooted player?

If you picked MORE on a Combo Square (2 or more players in a single pick) and the projection is not reached, the pick will be graded as a Reboot once the game is over.