PrizePicks Members Code of Conduct

At PrizePicks, we are building a community of positive, fun-loving, skill-based, fantasy sports contestants who are looking to contribute to and enhance our virtual community.  Like many communities, we have our own set of values and standards. Being part of the PrizePicks’ community is a privilege, not a right.  By asking to participate on our platform and in our fantasy contests, you agree to uphold the following Member Code of Conduct while you are a member of our community.

  1. I will always stay positive in my interactions with the PrizePicks community and will never use or exhibit abusive, unprofessional, bullying, or demeaning behavior or language toward other PrizePicks’ members or staff.
  1. I will not contact PrizePicks staff directly at their personal addresses, social media accounts, or other physical or virtual locations and will direct communications through existing PrizePicks accounts.
  1. I will never encourage, facilitate or tolerate the play of minors or others who are prohibited from participating in any PrizePicks fantasy contest, and when I see such conduct, I will report it immediately.
  1. I will never use non-public information or attempt to improperly influence an athlete or official to gain an improper or unfair advantage for myself or others in any PrizePicks fantasy contest.
  1. I will always play responsibly which includes using the platform’s responsible gaming tools that enable me to proactively set account alerts, entry limits, deposit limits and timeouts when appropriate. 
  1. If I am unable to play responsibly in a consistent manner, I will seek to exclude myself through PrizePicks’ self-exclusion program.   
  1. I will proactively intervene when I see others in the community who are exhibiting irresponsible play by reporting that behavior to PrizePicks.
  1. I will never disparage PrizePicks or members of our community in on-line, public comments to others.
  2. I will always act in the best interests of the community, including finding ways to protect and preserve the mission upon which our community is based.