New promos dropping every day.

Unwrap a new promo in the app daily from 12/14 – 12/25. Details below.

Merry Picksmas! Find promo funds under the tree on Xmas morning 🎁

What is the reward?

Promo funds for qualifying Members.

What are the full terms?

Promo funds awarded based on recent Member activity. Some eligibility exclusions may apply. Reward amount varies by Member.

Ghosts of Picksmas past

Past promos you may have slept on


What are the rules?

Cards for each promotion will appear above as they become available. Click each one for full details.

Do I have to play all 12 days to earn a reward?

Nope! Each promo stands on its own. Play as many as you wish.

I won a promo! When do I get paid out?

Payout periods will vary. Please refer to the cards above for promo-specific details.

Am I eligible to play?

All of our standard requirements apply. Please view the Eligibility page for state-by-state criteria, age minimums and more.

Why can't I place an entry?

If you’re in an eligible state, a common issue is not having location services turned on. We must be able to pull your location to make sure you're in a state where we operate. Make sure you have location services turned on for the app and your browser.