Submitting Lineups

Last updated: Jul 17, 2024

To submit a lineup, open the PrizePicks projection board and select 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 stat projections for an upcoming sporting event. Because this is a daily competition, the board will only display sporting events that are set to start within the next 20 hours. If you want to include projections from a specific event, make sure you check the board no more than 20 hours prior to the start of the game or else you won’t see it.

For each projection you add to your lineup, you can select “More” or “Less” than the number provided based on how you think the sporting event will play out.

Then, select your entry fee. You can place a small amount of money on your lineup (minimum $5) or a large amount, depending on what you feel most comfortable with.

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