How to Win

Last updated: Jan 20, 2024

There are two ways to win:

a) Perfect Entry Payout

If your entry selections are correct across the board, you will automatically win a Perfect Entry payout that multiplies your entry fee. The standard payout rate* is calculated as follows:

4 correct picks = 10x your entry fee
3 correct picks = 5x your entry fee
2 correct picks = 3x your entry fee

There can be multiple Perfect Entries in a given group. In that case, all Perfect Entries will receive the accompanying cash prize!

* Some entries may earn a different payout than the standard rates listed above. This usually happens when multiple projections in an entry feature players from the same team or the same game. You can double check your payout rate by visiting the “My Entries” tab in the app.

b) Winning on Points

The highest score in your group will win the payout associated with the number of picks in the entry (see above for payout rates).

For example, if you’ve selected a 4-pick entry and have the highest score in your group, you'll win 10x your entry fee. If you tie with one or more other players, the payout will be split evenly among the winners.

The scoring is determined as follows:

Correct pick - 1 point
DNP (Did Not Play) - 0.5 points
Tied Projection - 0.5 points
Reboot - 0 points
Incorrect pick - 0 points

If your entry qualifies for both payouts described above, you will receive whichever amount is higher between the two. Payouts do not stack.

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