Placing Entries

How do I place an entry? 

Pick between 2 and 6 projections on the board, more or less on each one, decide if you want your entry to be a flex or power play, pick an entry amount, and click submit. 

Can I pick any players? 

For the most part, you can select any combination of players in your entry, regardless of the sport. However, there are a few key exceptions: 

  • You must have picks from AT LEAST 2 different teams in order for it to be a valid entry.
  • You can not have the same player in your entry more than once.

Some sports also have specific rules. For example, you can not have a pitcher and an opposing batter in the same entry. You can find sport specific rules in the scoring chart for that particular sport. 

What is the difference between a Flex and Power Play?

Power Plays have higher payouts, but all the picks in your entry must win for you to receive any payout. Flex Plays have lower payouts, but still payout if you get 1-2 picks wrong. 

How much money can I put on a single entry? 

Unless there is a special promotion that specifies otherwise, the minimum entry amount is always $5. 

The maximum entry amount, called a limit, varies person-by-person, and can be different depending on the sport or stat-type. Limits can change at any time at PrizePicks’ sole discretion.