*NEW* Demons and Goblins

Last updated: Dec 18, 2023

Win More With Demons and Goblins

Get ready to elevate your Daily Fantasy Sports experience with the latest update from PrizePicks – Demons and Goblins! The game is on, and we've added a brand new layer of strategy to help you build the perfect entry.

Maybe you're the type of player who likes to take the big shot whenever the opportunity presents itself. Or perhaps you’re a bit more careful and methodical with your strategy. No matter how you like to play, Demons and Goblins is sure to amp up the excitement for every entry you build.

Embrace Your Inner Demon

Identified by a bold red icon on the projection board, Demons are high-difficulty projections that can rocket your max payout up to 100x if you hit. We're talking about those high-risk, high-reward picks that get your heart pumping and keep your eyes glued to the game. If you're all about going for the biggest possible wins, Demons are your go-to move.

Keep an eye out for that red icon; it's your signal that you're pushing past the boundaries in search of that massive payout. If you laugh in the face of difficult tasks, Demons are your ideal companion.

You must pick “More” on a Demon projection.

Stay In The Green

Goblins are specially designed to keep you in the green as much as possible. If you like to carefully select your projections and stack your wins one after the other, keep an eye out for the green Goblin icon on the board. These are safer picks that make it easier to land consistent victories. Your max payout multiplier will be lower as a result, but in return you’ll get a better shot to keep your win streak going.

Goblins are perfect for Members who want dependable picks to steadily build their winnings. Look out for that green icon when you're crafting your lineup – the grass is greener on the Goblin side!

You must pick “More” on a Goblin projection.

Craft the Perfect Play

Demons and Goblins from PrizePicks adds an element of flexibility to your game that wasn’t there before. Mix and match based on how you want to balance out your risk versus reward. Feeling adventurous? Recruit a Demon for your entry. Want to stack the odds in your favor? Green out with a Goblin or two.

Whenever you add a Demon or a Goblin to your entry, you will see how it affects your potential payout before you lock in. This way, you're always in the know and can adjust your strategy accordingly. It's all about making informed choices to maximize your game.

Bigger Wins Than Ever Before: Up to 100x 

For the first time in PrizePicks history, we're offering up to 100x payouts! Massive payouts are a game-changer, making your victory that much sweeter. Redefine what's possible in DFS and take your gaming experience to the next level with Demons and Goblins.

So what’s your next move?

Will you shoot for the moon with a team of Demons, or will you play it safe and go for the win with a Goblin squad?

The choice is yours, so choose wisely!


Why can't I select "Less" on my entry?
Demon and Goblin projections will only give you the option to select "More". This is because the projections are specially designed to be easier or harder to hit than normal projections. This only works if you remove one of the choices.

Can I add more than one Demon or Goblin to my entry?

Yes, you can add as many Demons or Goblins as you like to an entry.

Can I add both a Demon and a Goblin to my entry?
Yes, you can!

Can I include regular projections along with Demons and/or Goblins?
Yes, you can build your entry with any combination of Demons, Goblins, and regular (unmarked) projections. 

Can I use a promotion on an entry that includes Demons and/or Goblins?
No, unless the rules of the promotion specifically state otherwise. Most promotions will only apply to entries that contain normal projections (i.e. not Demons or Goblins).

Will a Demon guarantee a 100x payout?
No. Demon projections vary in how much of a boost they provide.

If you’re shooting for the max payout, try adding multiple Demons to your entry and check your payout multiplier before locking in.

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