Live Scoring and Disputes

Last updated: Aug 31, 2023

Why don’t I see live scoring on my entry?

Only certain leagues and stat-types on PrizePicks have live scoring available. 

Live scoring is currently available on most stat-types for NFL, College Football, NBA, WNBA, MLB, College Basketball, and NHL.

Why is the live scoring on my entry different from other sources?

Live Scoring on PrizePicks is for entertainment purposes only, and is not designed to be an official scorekeeping tool. Any inconsistencies with official scoring will be settled after the game with the official league box scores and stats.


Can I dispute your scoring?

PrizePicks only uses stats provided by official league sources or trusted third-party providers. We will not adjust payouts based on alternative sources for scoring, including but not limited to video recordings.

What happens if the official stats are corrected after they are initially posted?

If the official stats are corrected within 30 minutes of the game ending, entries will be resettled to reflect the updated stats. However, if the official stats are corrected 30 minutes or more following the conclusion of the game, the initial stats and settlement will stand. 

What if PrizePicks uploads an incorrect score?

We want to knock it out of the park every time we come to bat, but mistakes do happen from time to time. If we upload an incorrect score that affects payouts, entries will be resettled to reflect the correct stats, even if the error is caught after the standard 30-minute window.

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