Last updated: Apr 29, 2024

Q: How do I fund my in-game balance?
A: You won’t be able to deposit funds into your account. Instead, PrizePicks will automatically add 1000 points to your account that you can use to submit lineups.

Q: Do my point totals accumulate each day?
A: No, point totals will not roll over. They will go back to 1000 each morning.

Q: Are there any upper or lower limits on how I use my points?
A: The minimum amount for lineups is 100 points. There is no maximum; you can put all your points on one surefire lineup if you like!

Q: How do I claim a cash prize if I win?

A: Cash prizes will be applied to your PrizePicks account. From there, you can withdraw the funds using an accepted debit card, a bank account, or a PayPal account.

Q: Can I see how close I came to winning even if I don’t make the leaderboard? 

A: We are working to include an expanded leaderboard with results for this game - stay tuned for further updates. 

Q: What happens if a game doesn’t finish by 6:00am ET?
A: You must submit a lineup and complete all the games in your lineup within the same 24-hour period in order for it to count.

For example, if you submit a lineup at 10pm on Saturday night and the contest does not conclude until 7am on Sunday morning, your lineup will not count toward your daily score, regardless of the outcome.

Q: Why can’t I see any NFL picks on the board?
A: NFL picks will only be made available on the board if there is a game scheduled for that day. Check the board on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays to place NFL lineups.

Q: Which states are impacted by these new regulations?
A: Michigan and New York are the only states that are implementing these changes. If any details change, we will keep our Members informed.

Q: Can I play PrizePicks FTP in any state?
A: No, as of right now the Free-to-Play version is only available for Members who are restricted from playing the classic version of PrizePicks due to state regulations. 

Q: Why can’t I submit lineups the way I used to?

A: Daily fantasy contests were legal in Michigan and New York for several years. Unfortunately, regulators in these states recently decided to use an administrative process to limit the rights of sports fans to enjoy this American pastime. 

Fantasy sports fans will continue to be able access a free-to-play version of PrizePicks. Meanwhile, PrizePicks will examine all options available for us to resume normal operation within these states.

Q: Is paid DFS gone for good in Michigan and New York?
A: We’re hoping we can convince regulators to reverse their course, although we’re unsure of how long that might take. You will NOT lose any funds in your account when the changes go into effect, so if you’d like to take a wait-and-see approach, it’s perfectly safe to do so. 

Q: What happens to the leftover funds in my balance when the original game becomes unavailable?
A: Any funds in your account balance will remain where they are, even after the new regulations go into effect. You will still be able to withdraw funds. You also have the option to keep the funds in your account in case paid DFS becomes available again in the future.

Q: If I finish the day with 2000 points, will I get paid $2000?
A: No, points are not directly correlated to dollars (USD). The top 100 scorers each day (minimum 1001 points) will be paid out according to a predetermined tier list, ranging from $250 to $2.

Q: How can I begin playing?
A: Follow this link to start greening out!

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