Why is my entry not live scoring?

Only certain leagues and stat-types on PrizePicks have live scoring available. 

The markets where live scoring is currently available include most stat-types for NFL, College Football, NBA, WNBA, MLB, College Basketball, and NHL. 

Why is the live scoring on my entry not accurate?

Live Scoring on PrizePicks is for entertainment purposes only. It may not align with official scoring, and all entries will be settled after the game with the official league box scores and stats.


Another website has a different box score or stats. Can I dispute your scoring?

We can only use the official stats provided by our third-party providers, regardless of what other websites or providers say. 

I have video evidence showing the official stats are wrong. Can I send it?

We can not consider any video evidence. We must use the official stats and box scores with our official stat providers. 

What happens if the official stats are corrected after they are initially posted?

If the official stats are corrected within 30 minutes of the game ending, entries will be resettled to reflect the updated stats. However, if the official stats are corrected 30 minutes or more following the conclusion of the game, the initial stats and settlement will stand. 

What happens if PrizePicks makes a mistake and settles an entry in a way that differs from the official stats?

While we try our best to avoid errors like that, entries that are initially scored and settled incorrectly due to a mistake on our part will be resettled to reflect the correct stats. Since the 30-minute stat correction window only applies when the official stats change after the fact, it would not apply in this case.