How is PrizePicks different than other Daily Fantasy Apps?

November 16, 2022

PrizePicks is an Atlanta-based company founded in 2017 with the goal of making daily fantasy sports easier, faster and more exciting for the average sports fan. It has since expanded into the largest privately held daily fantasy sports provider in the United States, and it is the closest legal alternative to sports betting for the majority of North Americans.

Easiest way to play daily fantasy

When people hear the words “daily fantasy sports,” they think of drafting lineups, managing salary caps, and competing against thousands of other players, including sharks, all for the slim chance to win a small piece of the pie. 

On PrizePicks, it’s a lot easier. It’s just you against the numbers. Members pick more or less on between 2 and 6 player statistics of their choice. The more picks they correctly choose, the more money they win! Payouts on PrizePicks can be as high as 25X. 

Whereas salary cap-based daily fantasy games often resemble a lottery where thousands of players buy in to a huge game, hoping to nail that one-in-a-million perfect lineup, members can actually consistently win on PrizePicks. The vast majority of PrizePicks members win at least a few entries, and many 25X their cash with regularity. In 2021 alone, PrizePicks paid out over $130 million in winning entries!

Official logo of Prizepicks
The Official Logo of PrizePicks

Legal alternative to sports betting

Sports betting may be rapidly expanding into more states, but it still isn’t legal in the majority of the United States, including major markets like Texas, California, and Florida. Many experts predict the legal and political battles will rage on for years in those states.

However, PrizePicks is classified as a daily fantasy sports provider, not a sportsbook. For that reason, PrizePicks operates in 29 states, including Texas, California, Florida, Georgia, and more. PrizePicks continues to expand into new states frequently while staying in compliance with all relevant state laws and statutes. 

While other daily fantasy providers also operate in many of the same states, PrizePick’s fantasy model offers a closer alternative to sports betting than salary-cap games. 

Huge collection of sports and player stats

In addition to offering the usual “Big 4” leagues (NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL), PrizePicks offers college sports, a variety of esports titles, soccer, golf, tennis, racing and more! PrizePicks has also offered options on unique events like the NBA Celebrity Game and Dunk Contest, the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, and the Big 3 Basketball League. 

Unlike many other fantasy sports providers, members aren’t required to stick to one sport at a time. An entry from PrizePicks often mixes and matches from many different sports. It wouldn't be out of place to see an entry that includes LeBron James, Patrick Mahomes, and Tiger Woods all at the same time!

Users have plenty of different player stat options for each sport offered. For example, in addition to the basic points and rebounds, members can place NBA or College Basketball entries that include the O/U on the # of 3s, free throws or fantasy points a player will get. For the NHL, members can include picks on # of hits in their entries, and for PGA, members can predict the amount of strokes it will take golfers to finish a specific hole!

PrizePicks continues to push boundaries daily, always looking to add new markets and stat-types to its board. 

List of sports leagues offered by PrizePicks

Innovative entry types

PrizePicks has two main types of entries: Power Plays and Flex Plays. Power Plays have higher payouts, but they are all-or-nothing plays that closely resemble the parlays that sportsbooks offer. Flex plays are a twist on the traditional parlay, because they still payout even if members lose a pick. For example, on a 5-Pick Flex Play, members still double their money if they get 4 out of 5 picks correct, and they even win some cash with 3 out of 5!

PrizePicks also offers Same Game Entries. Members can submit an entry that consists solely of players playing in the same game, amplifying the single-game sports viewing experience. For certain sports, like NFL and College Football, Same Game Entries can lead to payouts as high as 25X

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