Flex Friday on PrizePicks | How It Works & How to Play

Last updated: Sep 18, 2023

PrizePicks members love Taco Tuesday so much that we decided to keep the fun going and introduce a 2nd weekly promotion. Flex Friday, which runs every Friday, consists of a different promotion on Flex Entries on the PrizePicks app

What is Flex Friday? 

Flex Friday is the name of PrizePicks’ weekly Friday promotion, available to all members. Flex Friday consists of various promotions around the “Flex Play”, such as protected plays or payout boosts. Every week, the specific details of the promotion will change, allowing for our members to take advantage of unique opportunities. It’s a great way to build your bankroll before the weekend! 

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What kind of promotions are on Flex Friday? 

The possibilities are endless! While all the promotions revolve around Flex Plays, there is nothing set in stone, and members should expect the unexpected. However, to give you a little taste of what’s to come, members have already seen Flex Fridays that include: 

  • Protected Flex Plays 
  • If your first Flex Play of the day loses, you get your cash back!
  • 15X 5-Pick Flex Payout Boosts
  • 5/5 pays out 15X instead of the usual 10X!
  • Payout Boosts on all Flex Plays
  • Higher payouts on all full and partial flex wins!

Where is Flex Friday announced? 

You can find the details of the Flex Friday promotion each week on our Twitter, Discord, and if you’re subscribed to our emails, your inbox!

Some Flex Friday promotions have time constraints, so make sure your push notifications are on so you don’t miss it. 

When does Flex Friday pay out? 

Winnings from Flex Friday are typically processed by noon on Saturday.

What is the Flex Friday promotion for today? 

If you are seeing this, it’s probably Friday. Woohoo! 

We don’t like spoilers, so get to the PrizePicks Twitter right now to see if today’s Flex Friday details are live! 

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