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Fantasy football is traditionally played against multiple people, but it can be even better playing by yourself. In this article, we’ll explain how you can play fantasy football by yourself with PrizePicks, and the benefits of playing alone. Here are 3 bullet points to explain how it all works: 

1.  Solo Fantasy is Easier to Win

Fantasy football is really hard to win. If you’re playing in a traditional 10 or 12-person league with your friends, there are 9 or 11 losers. If you’re playing daily fantasy in a pool vs. other people, your odds are even worse. In most salary-cap based DFS competitions, you’re competing against thousands of other people, including pros and sharks, for a small piece of the pie. 

On PrizePicks, it’s just you vs. the numbers. If you correctly pick more or less on player stat projections, you win. It only takes 5-6 correct picks to earn up to 10X your cash! No one can get in your way but you! 

Solo fantasy football selecrions

2. Solo Fantasy Has More Ways to Make Money

With Pick’Em DFS, lineups are no longer limited to weighted fantasy scores with complicated metrics. On PrizePicks, you can select straight-forward statistical categories like touchdowns, receiving yards, passing yards, pass attempts, and more. It makes fantasy football simpler, more straightforward, and easier to play! 

Solo Fantasy Football Categories

Just ask the 300,000+ members who have been paid out on PrizePicks. You can read all of our member reviews here. 

PrizePicks also lets you control your potential winnings. In a traditional fantasy league or pool, the winnings are predetermined, and you can go a whole season without seeing money in your wallet. With PrizePicks, you have multiple options to make anywhere from 1.5X your cash to 25X your cash, depending on how much risk you want to take! In summary, yes you can win cash on fantasy football, even when you play by yourself!

3. You Have More Freedom When You Play Alone

We don’t know about you, but having options makes fantasy a heck of a lot more fun! While playing on PrizePicks, you have a variety of options and advantages that you wouldn’t have otherwise, such as: 

  • You can select any players: No need to work within salary caps, or pick up players on waivers. All active players are available to PrizePicks members for every single game. If you want Mahomes, Taylor, and Kupp, go for it! 
  • You can combine with other sports: Now, this may be a bit unorthodox, but you can combine NFL players into an entry with players from other sports! NFL and NBA combos are our favorite. 
  • You can make multiple entries: If you have just one team all year, things can get boring - especially if your team stinks. When playing PrizePicks by yourself, you can make as many entries with as many players as you’d like! The fun is literally endless. 
  • There is no season-long commitment: This one is self explanatory. Life gets busy, and with PrizePicks, you don’t have to worry about your lineup in the middle of the week. You can play as much or as little as you want!

If you made it this far, you are ready to give solo fantasy football a shot! As the leading daily fantasy platform, PrizePicks can serve your every need. If you sign up now, make sure to use code PLAYBOOK to get up to $100 matched on us! 

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