Canceling Entries

Can I edit or cancel an entry after it is submitted?

While you can not edit entries after they are submitted, you can cancel most entries within 5 minutes of submitting it. To cancel your entry, click the three dots next to your entry and click “Cancel Entry”. 

Can all entries be canceled within 5 minutes?

No. The following entries can not be canceled even within the 5-minute window: 

  • In-Game Entries (2H or 4Q)
  • Entries where one or more picks have already started

Can you ever cancel an entry after the 5-minute cancellation period?

The only circumstance that allows you to cancel an entry after 5 minutes is when a pick in your entry is marked as a DNP (Did Not Play). However, even if a pick is a DNP, you can only cancel your entry if no other picks in your entry have started.