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Super Flex Payouts

Correctly select 16/16
Correctly select 15/16
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Additional Terms and Conditions
Max 1 entry per member.
Any entries from non PrizePicks members, non-eligible members, or members that place more than 1 entry will be voided and not paid out.
If multiple users correctly select 16/16, the $100,000 grand prize will be split amongst total users with 16/16.
$100,000 grand prize is paid over 6 monthly installments.

Entries placed as a result of a referral that violates our refer a friend policy, will be voided and not paid out.
You must be 19 years or older and located in AK AR CA CO CT DC FL GA IL KS KY MA MI MN NC ND NE NM OK OR RI SC SD TX UT WI WV WY or Canada.